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Phil Clayton

Contact details

07984 807537


Hampshire Chestnut



Hilsea, Portsmouth, Havant

Products and services

Sweet chestnut posts/stakes/spiles
Sweet chestnut poles peeled/unpeeled all sizes
Sweet chestnut cleft post and rail fencing, two and three rail versions.

Sweet chestnut gates and gate hurdles
Hazel Hedge laying stakes and binders

Hazel beanpoles and stakes
Firewood (limited to local, 2cubic m + only)
Green wood working


Dave Dibden

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Totton/New Forest

Products and services

handmade coppice products
Bean sticks / pea sticks,

Besom brooms
Morris staves,
Gypsy pegs,
Gypsy flowers,

David and James Spratt

Black Fox woodland products

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West Wellow


Products and services

logs, Firewood kindling,
stakes and binders,
rustic poles and fencing supplies,
bean poles, pea sticks

Hampshire Coppice group