Hampshire Lumpwood Charcoal

Proudly bagging in Paper since 2005

Hampshire Lumpwood Charcoal

Since 2005 Hampshire Coppice Group have been bulk buying branded bags for members of the group.

The idea behind this is to allow small producers of quality charcoal to sell their product under one banner and mark it as a product of Hampshire.

All the charcoal sold under the Hampshire Coppice Group banner is produced to the Hampshire charcoal standards.

Below is a reproduction of the back the group bags explaining the benifits of buying local British charcoal. Click on the link in the address space to find a list of local producers:

the front fiew of a Hampshire coppice group charcoal bag

Traditional English Lumpwood Charcoal

  • Is easy to light
  • Is ready to cook with quickly
  • Can be topped up as you cook
  • Produces very little ash
  • Weighs less than equivalent products for the same heat output.
  • Contributes to sustaining local woodlands
    local skills, and rural trade.Is not transported around the globe


Store in a dry place away from sources of ignition
Place your BBQ where surrounding material will not be damaged
Allow to cool before disposing of any ash.

Produced in Hampshire by

Click here to find the name and address of your local Coppice group Producer

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For full information on the benefits of this charcoal see
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