Below are number of films produced by and shown here with kind permission. All the films show are members of Hampshire Coppice Craftsmens Group.

Alan Waters guides us through the process of making Pimps, Faggots and Benders.
Dave Lister Shows us the art of the Spar maker.
Huw Edwards show us how to make a walking stick
John Westcott Making butter spreaders from sycamore.
Darren Hamerton and Apprentices making shingles

There are also some good Clips radio solents twitter page.

Soul of Fire

Many Thanks to Alan and Jo Waters for their Kind permission to add this film to the List.
Soul of fire shows a rare earth burn (traditional charcoal burn) by Alan Waters that takes place over three days in a Woodland near Chichester.
It happens only once a year on 11th August, Saint Alexander’s Day – the patron saint of charcoal burning. This 8000 year old craft has changed the world.