Hampshire Coppice group

Mission statement

‘The Hampshire Coppice Group seeks to support the work of coppice, underwoodsmen and associated craftsmen in Hampshire as well as raising awareness of the benefits and opportunities they provide for woodlands and their wildlife, the landscape, rural employment and sustainable development.’
The aims of the group are: • To promote HCCG activities, the practice of coppicing and its products. • To provide a united voice for the coppice industry in Hampshire. • To provide a link between the industry and relevant agencies and landowners. • To influence policy and decision makers on conservation and forestry issues. • To seek opportunities for education and training for members of the HCG • To seek funding to further the aims of the HCCG and support partner organizations in the same. • To source woodlands for members to work in. • To encourage communication and the exchange of information and act as a forum for discussion/ideas. • To facilitate cooperative working among members of HCCG. • To source cheaper materials/services for HCCG members. • To encourage and promote the highest environmental, ethical and craft standards in coppicing and related skill.